On the side of a rocky cliff, clusters of long icicles melt in the early spring.

Be the Master of Your Own Happiness

It’s about that time of the year where some of us lose steam on our New Years goals and become lenient. As is the case, Trevor and I decided to make February’s theme “for the love of you” here on Edit the Now, which means all our posts this month will be inspiring enough to get you back on track. This week’s theme is y-o-u and owing your happiness in 2019.

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Reset Expectations

It’s a new year and a time when many create resolutions to get things done and accomplish goals. This makes it the perfect time for you to also reset your expectations. Why? Well for one it can help you achieve your resolutions/goals and two it can be a goal in and of itself.

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Going All In: Goals, The Now, Ecosystems

Going all in or focusing on a single item or restricting yourself to a particular task, ecosystem or goal is a way to get things accomplished. Traditional wisdom would tell you that by going all in on anything you lose other options. However, this may sound counter intuitive, but the more you go all in, the less you lose and you may even get more options. You can save time, money and decisions by going all in. You can also live your life with more purpose and intention.

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A simple bedroom with white walls, a brown chair, a brown cat tower, and a wooden bed. The bed has white linens, as well as three pillows in various shades of green. These pillows match a print of a misty forest that hangs above the headboard.

New Year, Less Stuff

Reviewing the items we’ve filled our home with is something I enjoy doing, so I find several reasons to do it throughout the year, but my absolute favorite time is the very first week of January. There’s just something about starting a year by removing the excess of the previous one that brings me a sense of closure.

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A simple flat-lay of a planner overtop a laptop keyboard. The pair rests on a wood table.

Have A Better 2019

I never particularly felt New Year’s Day brought new possibilities and a fresh start while in school (since the beginning of the calendar year falls in the middle of the school year in the USA), but I’ve fully embraced the concept as an adult. I’m not sure if it’s my love of learning and personal development, or my ambitious desire to constantly level up as an adult, or my obsession with planning and stationary, but I anticipate the new year over any other holiday.

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